Shows that are managed by S.I.G.S.L are run under NZKC regulations, and regs 19.6.1

and 19.6.2 apply in respect of the control of dogs at shows.


These regulations are:-            19.6 Control of Exhibits

                                                19.6.1 At all times in the assembly area and in the ring every exhibit must be under the firm control of a handler and the lead of the dog must remain in at least one of the hands of the handler or the exhibit may be in a crate with the approval of the Steward, from the time of entry to the assembly ring until the time of departure from the assembly ring or judging ring after judging.

19.6.2 Subject to 19.6.1 above, at any Championship Show, Open Show and Ribbon Parade, at all times within the area controlled by the Show Manager, every exhibit or other dog must be:-

(i) Under the firm control of the handler or owner on a lead by the handler or owner, or

(ii) Secured by the collar to a fixed point and within the effective control of the handler or owner, or

(iii) Within a closed crate, box, vehicle or other container controlled by the handler or owner.

In conjunction with the above, all Exhibitors, guests, and visitors to shows and/or events

run by S.I.G.S.L, should note the following hazards that have been identified :

  • Horse stables. – Please do not allow children to visit /play in this area.
  • Area’s outside the immediate grassed and hard seal area surrounding the clubrooms. In
  • particular restrict children from venturing beyond the above noted area.
  • Tent pegs, ring stakes, tent guide ropes. Please take care when negotiating access to and

from any area where these identified hazards are evident

  • Extension leads running from the clubrooms and compressor units to caravans and tents, -

please be careful when crossing these.

  • Care should be taken and appropriate footwear worn, when running dogs in any show /

work ring, during wet weather.


Please take care around these identified hazards


Club Address: South Island German Shepherd League P.O. Box 2133 Christchurch
Club Captain's Cell: 022 140 6142