South Island German Shepherd League Blue Ribbon Policy

v  The owner/handler of any dog which has a larger than normal personal space. And / or is unhappy with other dogs coming in close proximity to it, will be asked to wear a fluro-blue arm band and attach a fluro-blue ribbon to their dogs lead approximately 12 – 24cm from the slip chain or collar.


v  The owner/handler is responsible for obtaining from their instructor, and displaying the blue (fluro) ribbon and arm band.


v  S.I.G.S.L will carry a stock, and will issue these if the situation requires this.


v  The purpose of the blue ribbon is :-


v  To warn other handlers and individuals, that the dog objects to being approached by people and or other dogs.

v  To minimize the possibility of physical damage to owners/ handlers and others and / or to other dogs.


v  The S.I.G.S.L policy – which is based on a generally accepted standard that has been adopted by many dog clubs around New Zealand = will be included in our members packs that are presented to all members on acceptance of their membership application by S.I.G.S.L.


v  The policy will be displayed in the clubhouse – on the noticeboard, explained at class level, and will be featured as a standard presentation – in our regular newsletters to members and also on the clubs website


v  The policy will also apply to any show or event managed by S.I.G.S.


v  Any owner/handler, who despite repeated requests to display a blue ribbon / arm band will be asked by a class training convener or club committee member for the reason for any such refusal. Their response will be referred to the club management committee for further appropriate action, with any final decision to be conveyed – both verbally and in writing by the club president, to the owner / or handler of the dog (s) in question.


v  S.I.G.S.L reserves the right to ban any dog(s) from the club, or to require any dog to be muzzled, that makes repeated dangerous approaches to other dogs or individuals.


v  Any dog that bites a person will be immediately suspended from the club – pending an investigation. The results of any investigation will be presented to an ordinary club committee meeting by the training coordinator(s) involved, for a decision regarding that dog’s future at the club.


Nov 2003

Club Address: South Island German Shepherd League P.O. Box 2133 Christchurch
Club Captain's Cell: 022 140 6142