Dog Aggression Policy:



Health and Safety Regulations stipulate that all registered NZKC dog clubs need to take all reasonable steps to promote the safety of all participants that are either members or visiting the South Island German Shepherd League grounds which are situated at the rear of Canterbury Agriculture Park. Specifically the grassed area surrounding our clubrooms, bounded by the motorway and tree lined grass bank, as well as any area that formal training is taking place alongside a trainer that is recognized by the South Island German Shepherd League committee, including the RDA building.


                            As a Club we are committed to supporting all members with an aggressive dog and we will work to the best of the committee, and trainer’s ability to attempt to retrain aggressive dogs. We also aim to provide opportunities for owners and dog/s to return to club events under supervision if necessary.



The South Island German Shepherd League will provide a safe and supportive environment for all members where everyone is protected from harmful events of dog aggression.



Dog aggression is when a dog shows any of the following indications to another dog or human, while on South Island German Shepherd League grounds (as described above).


  • Snapping
  • Growling
  • Raising Hackles
  • Biting


1.      Club Captain or class trainer will take all members through the Dog Aggression policy on their initiation day.


2.      A Disputes committee will be elected annually by the South Island German Shepherd League committee at the first meeting following the AGM.


3.      This Policy will be on display in the clubrooms of the South Island German Shepherd League for all to view.  


5.      All dogs on The South Island German Shepherd League grounds at club organised events are required to be on a lead except when they are under the direction from an instructor or competing in official events which require off lead activity.


6.       Show notices will contain information regarding expectations.




  1. Dog biting


  1. Incident is reported to a committee member or referred by instructor (Committee members contact list displayed in club rooms and on our  website).


  1. Incident form is to be filled in by complainant (forms available in the clubrooms and on the website).


  1. Is Dog owned by South Island German Shepherd League member attending training?


  1. Committee member whom incident was reported to is to contact a member of the disputes committee.


  1. Owner of the dog in question will be told by the committee member who the incident was first reported to that someone from the disputes committee will be in touch within one week to discuss and assess the situation. Owner will also be advised they should keep their dog away from the South Island German Shepherd League training sessions until the incident has been assessed.


  1. The member of the disputes committee who was first notified of the incident will contact the other two disputes committee members and arrange for someone to be in touch with the owner of the dog in question.


  1. A meeting is arranged with the three members of the disputes committee and the owner of the dog in question. This meeting is to be held within seven days of the date of the incident. The owner is to be advised in writing of the details of the meeting and offered the opportunity to bring a support person to the meeting.


  1. A member of the disputes committee will get in touch with the complainant to document their version of the event in question prior to the aforementioned meeting. The complainant will be informed of the outcome of the meeting once the situation has been fully assessed.


  1. A meeting will be held between the three disputes committee members and the owner of the dog in question – preferable that the dog is able to be assessed at the same time. The meeting will be documented with minutes taken


  1. An agreed plan will be put in place between disputes committee and owner – plan will be actioned


  1. A disputes committee member will contact and inform complainant of the outcome.





Other Policies          The blue ribbon policy.

To Refer To:             Training policy.

                                      CCC Dog Aggression Policy.


To Be Reviewed       Every two years.


Next Review Date:   February 2016