Heathcote Kennels

Established in 1976

Breeders of Multi NZKC Champions

Multi Excellent stock

Excellent Merrit


The Brood Bitch’s 


Zellburg Ulanda (Imp -  Aust) (Ishka)


Half-sister to the Dam of this year’s Open dog winner Australian nationals



Sire: Igor Von Pallas Athene (Imp Germany)

Dam: Natchez Bundaberg Rum



Heathcote Drama Queen (Queenie)

 Excellent rated


Breed surveyed by Viv McCambridge - Class 2

1a/1a Elbows

3/4 Hips



Sire: Heathcote Ziggyblue

Dam: Zellburg Ulanda




Heathcote Dynamic Boy (Tyson)

Excellent Rated



Sire: Heathcote Ziggyblue

Dam: Zellburg Ulanda

Res Dog Friedel Gehring Aust


Yana Von Gavarol

 (Bred in partnership with Gavarol Kennels – Breeding together is our future)

New Zealand champion at 14 months of age



Sire: England and New Zealand Ch Phillip aus der Neuenhauffstrasse

Dam: Zellburg Ulanda


Heathcote Famous Star (Tammy) 

Multi Excellent rated

3 x Very Good Select

Breed surveyed by Viv McCambridge - Class 1

0/0 Elbows

2/5 Hips



Sire: Sun haze Pokerchip

Dam: Heathcote Drama Queen



Heathcote Hot To Trot (Murphy)

Multiple ‘In Show’ wins 

Multi Excellent rated



Sire: Sun haze Poker Chip

Dam: Heathcote Drama Queen

Multi Excellent rated


Heathcote Kennels

Heathcote Kennels was established in 1976.Our first ever litter brought us Heathcote Farrah Reserve bitch under Molly Hunter UK. Breeders of the Infer muss Rossfort Premonition.

This bitch was one of the first bitches to be awarded Class 1 in the breed survey. From there we have breed and owned many NZ Champions with one of these receiving the Select Excellent Grading.

Looking back over many years the thing that has given us the greatest achievement was going best in show all breeds out of over 1200 entries in Ashburton 1987 show.

Over many years both I and my wife Annie have hosted many overseas judges for the SIGSL. We have been very fortunate for this opportunity. Heathcotes’ aim is to breed animals to the standard set down by the founding country Germany.

This year I have been promoted to one of 3 breed surveyors in the South Island, and presently sitting for my open panel judges’ warrant, between breeding and all the other things that takes our time we are so pleased to be part of a group of people that love the German shepherd dog.

Good luck to you all

Tony and Annie Gibson

Any Enquiries contact Tony or Annette on -

Phone: 03 3445421. 

Cell Phone: 0274345739

E-Mail: gibsondec@xtra.co.nz


My Overview of the German Shepherd Dog


The German shepherd is one of the most popular breeds in the world. The German shepherd is a large strong, noble dog, well-muscled with great stamina, whose intelligence and restfulness are greatly admired.

Originally the German shepherd was used as a herding dog, guarding against predators such as wolves.  Early ancestors may have had some wolf blood but that matter can be debated. The present day dog was bred in the 1880`s by a German cavalry officer Capitan Max Von Stephanitz. The first society for the breed was founded in 1899; it remains one of the largest clubs of its kind in the world today.

During the First World War, The German Shepherd was used as Army dogs  whose valour and versatility impressed allied soldiers . During the 1920’s despite strict quarantines, great numbers were imported throughout Britain and the Western World.

Until the 1970’s in Britain the German shepherd was known commonly as Alsatian due to the hatred of anything related to Germany at that time.

Germany itself has two distinctive types, East German lines have retained the working ability, but they are similar to the old German shepherd type. The West German dog, due to the western influence has lost some of their ability to work.

The German shepherd is easily trained, has great intelligence, and has highly developed senses. They can specialize in all sorts of individual roles , such as defender , drug dogs,  guard, lifesaving  century,  tracker, army or police dog , dogs to lead the blind, even earthquake dogs and of course sheep herding.

If properly trained when young the German shepherd will be a loyal and undoubtedly faithful dog when he matures. The Versatile German shepherd can be trained for almost any task that his master commands of him. They fit in well with the family environment, and are an ideal companion dog and will defend his master to the death.

Today we are influenced greatly by the founding breed club of Germany, Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhund   SV.

Yes there are other breeds that can meet the same, but there is no other breed that will meet the service to mankind in the world today.


Regards Tony Gibson